Molten Larna Cake

1,550 ฿

How do I eat this cake? Well, we prepare them for you to have fun.

We will have a separate cup to put chocolate for customers.
When customers cut the cake To do this step.

1. Place the whole cake base on a plate with a slight edge. In case the cake flows so it won't get messy
2. Pour the chocolate into the cake in the middle. The space provided
3. Sprinkle the chocolate chip in the middle.
4. Blow out the candles together
5. The excitement of preparing the clip 📸
6. Lift the plastic wrap around by lifting both sides together. Chocolate will flow down beside, gently shake to flow evenly.
7. Cut chocolate cake will flow.

Have fun eating Larna House cakes.

This cake is required to order 2-3 days in advance.

more accessories click the image below

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