Original Larna cake with macaron and portrait drawing (Big size)

2,960 ฿

Our secret super-soft rich & moist chocolate cake (called "Larna cake"). The best seller of all time. You can put your favorite design as a decoration on this Larna Cake. Here is the idea of our decoration.

Please keep the cake fridge all the time.

The portrait drawing on the cake is drawn by hand. Our artist tries the best for the perfect drawing. You need to order 2 days in advance. Please send us the photo you want and specify a portrait drawing.

  • 4 pound for 17-24 persons, 16 pieces of macarons, the cake can fit 2 small portraits of one person only, we suggest only face for the best.
  • 6 pounds for 25-32 persons, 22 pieces of macarons, for a maximum of 2 person portrait drawing.
  • 8 pounds for 33-40 persons, 26 pieces of macarons, it is for a maximum of 3 person portrait drawing.
  • 10 pounds for 41-46 persons, 34 pieces of macarons, it is for a maximum of 3 person portrait drawing.
  • 12 pounds for 47-55 persons, 40 pieces of macarons, it is for a maximum of 3 person portrait drawing.

please take a look at these samples before order. Our artists try their best to hand draw on each cake, still, we sometimes see things from different perspectives. So please keep in mind before you place an order that the finished art may be different from your perspective.

for 4-12 pound size of the cake is required to order 2-3 days in advance.

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