For every purchase online and at Pattanakarn shop, it's FREE register, you can collect smilingJack points. For every 50 bht, you get 1 point. These points are for redeem our cake. More points, more rewards.

20 points get Larna Coffee 70 THB
25 points get Larna bar 80 THB
50 points get Larna family box 260 THB
50 points renew for Platinum member or Gold member
60 points get White family box 300 THB
100 points upgrade to Platinum member for 10% discount
100 points get original Larna cake 1 pound 600 THB
200 points get original Larna cake 2 pound 1,200 THB

Check your point click here.

Your smilingJack points are reserved for 1 year and will be auto-renew after purchases.

(1) Gold Member program for 199 bht and get 5% discount. Free 100% Chocolate Drink (140 bht) Membership is 2 years. You may collect smilingJack points as usual.

(2) Platinum Member 
use your 100 points to get 10% discount for cash or 5% for credit card. Membership is 2 years. You may collect smilingJack points as usual.

Just let us know your preference by Line us at Line ID "@larnahouse". The link for registration will be sent via sms.