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Q: What is Larna cake?
A: Our secret of super-soft rich & moist chocolate cake, called "Larna cake", the best selling cake of all time.



Q: There are so many package types for Larna cake, can you recommend each of them?
A: Larna Roll is designed to be a cute little gift for everyone anywhere. Each roll  is very moist and rich, and there are 7 flavors.
Larna box is a good size as family treats. It is easy to grab and go to anywhere any time.
Larna bar is for those who enjoy the extra thickness of chocolate topping. There are 7 flavors.
"A piece of Larna cake" is single serving for quick satisfying your sweet tooth. The 2 layers of chocolate pair well with all drinks. "A piece of Larna cake" is cut from our original larna cake 2 pounds sized.


Q: Why is it called larna cake?
A: Larna cake is originated from Singapore by the name "Lana cake". Thai people recognize it as ช็อคหน้านิ่ม "Choc-na-nim". We put the alphabet "R" after “Lana” to differentiate our creations from the origin from Singapore. One of our client once brought the Lana cake from the original shop in Singapore for us to taste. We also traveled there to see the place. After we tried, we knew that we did well. Our humble delicacy can beat the original!


Q: How long has this recipe served customers?
A: It has been almost 20 years since the Larna cake was first to sell. Our mom baked Larna cake to serve the family's Christmas party once a year long before we established "LarnaHouse". It was the most wanted cake that everyone was looking forward to devouring and was gone in no time. Hence, we decided to expose our creations to the public. Our happiness is to see our well-crafted cake being part of your special moments. 


Q: Why is Larna cake so yummy?
A: We carefully pick our cacao from the best source and put our heart in every baking step as to leave the perfect touch in your mouth. When you consume it, the softness of the cake and rich taste of the chocolate will melt in your mouth. Many found themselves can’t stop eating!


Q: How big is your birthday cake?
A: Our cake's size starts from

  • 1 pound is 3.4 cm height, 15 cm in diameter, for 2-6 persons (round only)
  • 2 pound is 4.5 cm height, 18 cm in diameter, for 7-12 persons (round only)
  • 3 pound is 6 cm height, 21 cm in diameter, for 13-18 persons (round only)

    The big size cake please order 2-3 days in advance.
  • 4 pound for 17-24 persons (round or square)
  • 6 pounds for 25-32 persons (round or square)
  • 8 pounds for 33-40 persons (square only)
  • 10 pounds for 41-46 persons (square only)
  • 12 pounds for 47-55 persons (square only)

 birthday cake size

Q: I want portait drawing on cake, how many days in advance do I have to place my order?
A: Please order 2-3 days in advance for portait drawing. You can sent us the picture you want on cake. Our artists try their best to hand draw on the cake. Please keep in mind when you proceed your order that it might be different from each artist. 


Q: How long will the larna cake last?
A: Larna cake can be kept in a fridge 4 degree celcious for 5-7 days. You may leave in room temperature for 5 mins before eating for the smooth mouthfeel.


Q: I want a bit less strawberries on my cake. Is the price chaper than the fully decorated ones?
A: You can select the cake styles which are available as listed on the website, however, if you want to customize your cake, the price will be the same. You can specify your request on the note when selecting each cake.


Q: Why do you recommend strawberry and fruit decoration to be eaten within a day?
A: For cake decorated with fresh fruit, please eat within a day as we wash every single pieces of fruit. Please be careful with the sticks that hold the fruits.


Q: I saw many vegan cake in your shop. What should the food allergic know about these vegan cake?
A: We start our vegan product line about 6 years ago, since our's youngest son was allergic to cow milk. More and more of our client requests for eggless, and nut-free cake each year. We tried so many recipes and finally get our own baking method to make the cake delicious and feel like a normal cake. Our vegan cake contains no milk, butter, soy, yeast, egg, or preservatives.


Q: What is your suggestion for your the best brownie and vegan cake eating?
A: Brownie and vegan cakes can be kept in a fridge for 10-12 days. For longer storage, keep in a freezer for up to 2 months. Before eating your brownie and almond toffee cake, warm 8-10 second in microwave for the better texture. Malirice brownie's texture is harder, please warm 30 second in microwave.


Q: If I want the cake today, what should I do? can I order from here?
A: Please make your order here on this website anytime. We can delivery from 9.00-18.00

Steps to order our cake

  1. Put your preferred cake in the cart.
  2. Type down your special requirements, such as, message on cake, card, tax invoice information.
  3. Select your delivery date and time.
  4. Specify your delivery information.
  5. Choose your payment methods (we don't accept cash on delivery)
  6. Send us your payment verification to larnaonline@gmail.com
  7. Wait for our confirmation, office hours 9 am-4.30 pm

For Quick order receive cake within 1-2 hours, you can order thru LINEMAN App, 9 am - 7.30 pm. It's allow you to pay COD.



Q: How much is the delivery fee? 
A: The delivery fee is calculated by distance. For small cake and distance not farther than 30 km from our Pattanakarn shop, we use motor bike delivery. For cake bigger than 4 pounds or distance far from 30 km, we use car delivery. You can try checking your delivery fee by add a cake in our shopping cart, put on required information, ig. date, time, address. before check out, it will show you the choice for delivery along with the cost.

Our drivers have more experience to handle the cake. We recommend to use our delivery service which may higher in delivery fee but we guarantee the safety of the cake. I case that you want to use your own driver, we cannot garantee the safety of the cake.

Q: How can I get discount on delivery fee?
A: We hire our partner we trusts to deliver cake for you. Somehow, we make sure the cake delivery is perfect and we garantee you in our service. In case that you get the ruined cake, we glad to sent you the new one without charging. Also we have promotion for order purchase more than 2,000 THB to get discount 200 THB maximum discount on delivery fee, this means we will pay 200 THB to our delivery partner for you. Please remark that:

  1. The discount cannot be used together with other discount code. 
  2. This discount will apply for delivery only. (Don't worry, if you pick up your own cake, we give you the smilingJack point on every purchase).
  3. You can apply discount code yourself on the check out page. Example shows the pic below.


Q: Do I get any discount if I purchase a lot? 
A: We give smilingJack 1 points for every 50 THB purchase, except for purchase in in-Mall store. You may use points to redeem our best seller cakes and drink. More points, more rewards. Your smilingJack points are reserved for 1 year and will be auto-renew after re-purchases.

You can check your points anytime on any web browsers by click th.advocado.me (no apps required).

For more discount: 

  1. you can join our Gold Member program for 199 bht and get 5% discountFree 100% Chocolate Drink (140 bht) Membership is 2 years. You may collect smilingJack points as usual.
  2. or keep collecting untill you reach 100 smilingJack points, you can use your 100 points to become our Platinum Member to get 10% discount for cash or 5% for credit card. Membership is 2 years. You may collect smilingJack points as usual.
  3. keep update with us to join our affiliate program. But first, you must try our cake and fall in love with it.


Q: Can I order a cake to deliver outside bangkok?
A: Due to many requests for our delicious and soft chocolate cake from the customers out of town. We tested shipping our soft cake which requires high attention and care to other provinces. It appears that our delivery partner, who is an expert in delivering cold items, can take good care of our cakes. The cakes were delivered right in front of the customer’s house neatly and beautifully. So we are now ready to deliver our delicious birthday and vegan cake to all places in Thailand !

A customer is required to order at least 2-3 days in advance to be delivered out of Bangkok. The delivery time is available from Tuesdays to Fridays only. Our soft chocolate cake can be stored for 6-8 days in a refrigerator. (For Bangkok customers, we can deliver cakes daily within 2-3 hours) 

Bangkok residents in Rangsit, Nonthaburi and Khlong Luang areas will also receive our cakes with lower shipping costs only if the order takes more than a day with an unspecified arrival time of products. The products will be delivered during 10.00-17:00. The shipping cost starts at 150 baht. Normally, when we ship our cakes by car to places which are 30 kilometers away or more. For example, to Khlong Luang, approximately 53 kilometers away from our shop, the delivery cost is 723 thb., however, with a help of our partner, it only costs 210 thb.

We can deliver Larna cake, our signature chocolate cake, in pound size as a birthday cake and 1-3 pound size with the customized drawing (not fresh fruit decorations). All the fresh fruit we use for decorations must be washed and may be bruised with the delivery orders which take longer than a day.

Small box cakes and vegan cakes, can also be shipped. As in the picture (Prices are listed in the order below.)

delivery birthday chocolate and vegan cake in Thailand



Q: How can I pay?
A:We do not have COD (cash on delivery). You can pay via following methods

  • You can transfer through our Thai bank account. 
    Bank: Siam Commercial Bank (SCB)
    A/C number: 4110308237
    Name: "Food Covery Co. Ltd." (บ. ฟู้ด โคเวอรี่ จำกัด)

  • For international bank transfer, we recommend Paypal since it charges you only 10%, please use this link with your total amount x 1.1 (fee) on the end of this link (no space pls) https://www.paypal.me/larnahouse/
  • If you don't have a Paypal account and want to transfer via your International bank. It requires +500 THB fee added in the total amount

Your cake will be prepared after the payment is verified. please inform us through either LINE app Whatsapp or email below.



Q: How can I contact you?
A: you may send us your payment verification or contact us by:

If there is any further question, please feel free to ask us in contact above. We try to answer all your question enenthough it might take long time :)

Thank you


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