Due to many requests for our delicious and soft chocolate cake from the customers out of town. We tested shipping our soft cake which requires high attention and care to other provinces. It appears that our delivery partner, who is an expert in delivering cold items, can take good care of our cakes. The cakes were delivered right in front of the customer’s house neatly and beautifully. So we are now ready to deliver our delicious birthday and vegan cake to all places in Thailand !

Delivery fee

A customer is required to order at least 2-3 days in advance to be delivered out of Bangkok. The delivery time is available from Tuesdays to Fridays only. Our soft chocolate cake can be stored for 6-8 days in a refrigerator. (For Bangkok customers, we can deliver cakes daily within 2-3 hours) 


A 1 pound container’s size is 25 * 25 * 11 cm, and 2-3 pound container’s size is 28 * 28 * 11 cm.

Bangkok residents in Rangsit, Nonthaburi and Khlong Luang areas will also receive our cakes with lower shipping costs only if the order takes more than a day with an unspecified arrival time of products. The products will be delivered during 10.00-17:00. The shipping cost starts at 200 baht. Normally, when we ship our cakes by car to places which are 30 kilometers away or more. For example, to Khlong Luang, approximately 53 kilometers away from our shop, the delivery cost is 723 thb., however, with a help of our partner, it only costs 210 thb.

Cake menu

We can deliver Larna cake, our signature chocolate cake, in pound size as a birthday cake and 1-3 pound size with the customized drawing (not fresh fruit decorations). All the fresh fruit we use for decorations must be washed and may be bruised with the delivery orders which take longer than a day.

Small box cakes and vegan cakes, can also be shipped. As in the picture (Prices are listed in the order below.)

delivery birthday chocolate and vegan cake in Thailand

  1. Vegan Banana Cake (Without topping) 1 Pound size 500 thb / Small box 80 thb
  2. Vegan Chocolate Cake (Without topping) 1 Pound size 500 thb / Small box 80 thb
  3. Vegan Chocolate Banana 1 Pound 700 thb / Small box 150 thb
  4. Vegan Larna chocolate cake (soft fudge) 1 pound size 700 baht / small box 200 thb
  5. Original Larna chocolate cake 1 pound 600 thb
  6. Original Larna chocolate cake 2 pounds 1,000 thb 
  7. White chocolate Larn Cake 1 pound 680 thb / 2 pounds 1,200 thb
  8. White chocolate larna cake small box 170 grams 200 thb / large box 270 grams 300 thb
  9. Larna chocolate cake small box 170 grams 180 thb / large box 270 grams 260 thb

See more cake menu click birthday cake / vegan cake / other desserts.

For the next day delivery, your orders will be packed in a reusable/cold storage tank and cool packs to maintain 0-8 degrees Celsius. And if customers order today (before 10am), they will receive the cake the next day before 5pm. The delivery time depends on a location. Customers will receive the cake at their doorsteps within 9.00-17.00. The driver will give you a call to let you know before delivering the product.

The chocolate bars that we collect from Thai craft chocolate makers around Thailand are from the community called "Yellow Library", where the liked-mind folks share ideas about the chocolate bean-to-bar industry.  (See our mission in the column written by a day magazine). We sort and collect these chocolate brands into one location and deliver from there to your door. "How would chocolate be better for you than eating other desserts?"

Chocolate bean to bar menu

Update 7/4/2020

Thai bean to bar chocolate made by Thai maker

Please contact LINE id @larnahouse or

Whatsapp +66 87 921 8003 for more info. 

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Please order 2-3 days ahead! The maximum order is 3-pound size and with no fresh fruit decoration. It need to be overnight delivery in the keep-cool container. Delivery fees across country start from 150 THB.